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Android specific options which can be attached to the ActionCodeSettings object to be sent with requests such as User#sendEmailVerification.

await firebase.auth().currentUser.sendEmailVerification({
 android: {
   installApp: true,
   packageName: 'com.awesome.app',




If installApp is passed, it specifies whether to install the Android app if the device supports it and the app is not already installed. If this field is provided without a packageName, an error is thrown explaining that the packageName must be provided in conjunction with this field.

installApp: undefined | false | true;



If minimumVersion is specified, and an older version of the app is installed, the user is taken to the Play Store to upgrade the app. The Android app needs to be registered in the Console.

minimumVersion: undefined | string;



Sets the Android package name. This will try to open the link in an android app if it is installed.

packageName: string;