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Specifies custom configurations for your Cloud Firestore instance. You must set these before invoking any other methods.

Used with firebase.firestore().settings().




An approximate cache size threshold for the on-disk data. If the cache grows beyond this size, Firestore will start removing data that hasn't been recently used. The size is not a guarantee that the cache will stay below that size, only that if the cache exceeds the given size, cleanup will be attempted.

cacheSizeBytes: undefined | number;



The hostname to connect to.

host: undefined | string;



Whether to skip nested properties that are set to undefined during object serialization. If set to true, these properties are skipped and not written to Firestore. If set to false or omitted, the SDK throws an exception when it encounters properties of type undefined.

ignoreUndefinedProperties: undefined | false | true;



Enables or disables local persistent storage.

persistence: undefined | false | true;



If set, controls the return value for server timestamps that have not yet been set to their final value.

serverTimestampBehavior: "estimate" | "previous" | "none";



Whether to use SSL when connecting. A true value is incompatible with the firestore emulator.

ssl: undefined | false | true;