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Phone Authentication

users with their phone number.

Phone authentication allows users to sign in to Firebase using their phone as the authenticator. An SMS message is sent to the user via their phone number containing a unique code. Once the code has been authorized, the user is able to sign in to Firebase.

Phone numbers that end users provide for authentication will be sent and stored by Google to improve our spam and abuse prevention across Google services, including but not limited to Firebase. Developers should ensure they have appropriate end-user consent prior to using the Firebase Authentication phone number sign-in service.

Firebase Phone Auth is not supported in all countries. Please see their FAQs for more information.

Ensure the "Phone" sign-in provider is enabled on the Firebase Console.


The module provides a signInWithPhoneNumber method which accepts a phone number. Firebase sends an SMS message to the user with a code, which they must then confirm. The signInWithPhoneNumber method returns a confirmation method which accepts a code. Based on whether the code is correct for the device, the method rejects or resolves.

The example below demonstrates how you could setup such a flow within your own application:

import React, { useState } from 'react';
import { Button, TextInput } from 'react-native';
import auth from '@react-native-firebase/auth';

function PhoneSignIn() {
  // If null, no SMS has been sent
  const [confirm, setConfirm] = useState(null);

  const [code, setCode] = useState('');

  // Handle the button press
  async function signInWithPhoneNumber(phoneNumber) {
    const confirmation = await auth().signInWithPhoneNumber(phoneNumber);

  async function confirmCode() {
    try {
      await confirm.confirm(code);
    } catch (error) {
      console.log('Invalid code.');

  if (!confirm) {
    return (
        title="Phone Number Sign In"
        onPress={() => signInWithPhoneNumber('+1 650-555-3434')}

  return (
      <TextInput value={code} onChangeText={text => setCode(text)} />
      <Button title="Confirm Code" onPress={() => confirmCode()} />

Upon successful sign-in, any onAuthStateChanged listeners will trigger with the new authentication state of the user.


Firebase provides support for locally testing phone numbers. For local testing to work, you must have ensured your local machine SHA1 debug key was added whilst creating your application on the Firebase Console. View the Getting Started guide on how to set this up.

On the Firebase Console, select the "Phone" authentication provider and click on the "Phone numbers for testing" dropdown.

Enter a new phone number (e.g. +44 7444 555666) and a test code (e.g. 123456).

Once added, the number can be used with the signInWithPhoneNumber method, and entering the code specified will cause a successful sign-in.