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Installation and getting started with Installations.


This module requires that the @react-native-firebase/app module is already setup and installed. To install the "app" module, view the Getting Started documentation.

# Install & setup the app module
yarn add @react-native-firebase/app

# Install the installations module
yarn add @react-native-firebase/installations

# If you're developing your app using iOS, run this command
cd ios/ && pod install

What does it do

The Firebase installations service:

  • provides a unique identifier for a Firebase installation
  • provides an auth token for a Firebase installation
  • provides an API to perform GDPR-compliant deletion of a Firebase installation.

Each configured FirebaseApp has a corresponding single instance of Installations. An instance of the class provides access to the installation info for the FirebaseApp as well as the ability to delete it. A Firebase Installation is unique by FirebaseApp.name and FirebaseApp.options.googleAppID


Please see the API Reference for detailed usage information on the available APIs