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v6.0.1 Release

Bug fixes and documentation updates release.

Please tag any GitHub issues regarding v6 with [v6] in the title.

🐞 This is a bug fix release. 🐞

  • Fix #2635; Android build error; Cannot get property 'parentFile' on null object when trying to detect a firebase.json file
  • Fix #2648; TypeScript; Auto complete not working with VSCode


  • Fix #2639; Android; Casting error from JS to native when calling auth().verifyPhoneNumber(phoneNumber)
  • Fix #2693; iOS; Can't use verifyPhoneNumber


  • Fix #2307; Android,iOS; crashlytics().setUserId crashes when auto_collection disabled


  • Fix #2654; Firestore settings not applied
  • Fix #2532; FieldPath doesn't deep merge
  • Fix #2581; Index Creation Error Message Surfacing
  • Fix #2691; FirestoreQuery/FirestoreQueryModifiers incorrectly mutating previous query instances when chaining
  • Fix #2681; NPE in exception handling

Realtime Database

  • Fix DatabaseQuery/DatabaseQueryModifiers incorrectly mutating previous query instances when chaining


  • Fix #2666; textRecognizerProcessImage() errors with vision/file-not-found when using file:// paths